Stable Virtual currency for the growing Virtual metaverse!

Philip Rosedale the Virtual Reality Pioneer and the founder of The largest-ever 3D virtual world Second life which also have a huge in-world economy worths multi-millions of dollars, have recently co-founded High fidelity to be the next Big thing in virtual reality race, you can see how promising it is by scrolling down to the investors and advisors sections or visiting its youtube channel.

Now it seems that they are considering Crypto currencies in their new Market place!

How could we advertise Nu as the perfect match for this market as a stable decentralized and programmable currency ?!
If Nu dominated this market, it will be a huge financial success to the NuShares holders beside paving the road to the real world economy and e-commerce penetrating.

Any Suggestions ?!


I’ve commented on the linked ‘market place’ article as a start. I think further contact would be good and keeping an eye on their development.

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I’ve left a comment on the article as well, I hope it’s approved soon. I agree NuBits would be an excellent match for that service.

Side note - good to see you around again @Raythma.

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Thanks @tomjoad i wish i can contribute much more to the network but unfortunately i am forced to be offline most of the time!

Both your replies were been approved fortunately, and yes, I wish they can understand that Unstable cryptocurrencies would be very impractical to use in such market, unless some trading bot with a centralized price feed is used, which adds much complexity.