SPV wallet?

Anyone know if there is an SPV wallet for Nubits?
I am having issues trying to get my nubits out of my account.

There isn’t.

What is the nature of the difficulty?

There actually is, we have NuDroid based on Nubitsj. It is a SPV wallet. Unfortunately there are now some issues with the blockchain on the only remaining public server. However you can still try to run your own server. More info here: https://docs.nubits.com/nudroid/ or just search the internet.


Sorry, @Cybnate, I didn’t mean any disrespect to the good work you have done with NuDroid. I was thinking SPV clients were capable of producing blocks.

Are you planning on getting the blockchain downloaded properly on this public server? Can you clarify what the status of NuDroid is and what plans there are for it going forward (both shareholder approved plans and your own intentions) please?

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I’ve asked the developer to help as it is likely beyond my skillset. Will ping him again.

Until 3 weeks ago up and running. The code is still working. There appears to be database issue or an odd entry in the blockchain around the block where it has stopped and which the software could possibly not cope with.

The shareholder approved plan is to keep the latest upgrade on hold.

I’ve reached out a while ago regarding my own intentions but reactions were lukewarm as usage of NuDroid appears to be close to zero by now.

I’m ok to keep up the server running for a few months as it has been paid for by the shareholders and wait for better times assuming I can get it fixed soon. The alternative is to burn the remaining funds and shelf the server. The client and server code are open source so anyone can grab it and start over again.

What would be your preference?