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It has piqued the interest of a few, but I still see mostly criticisms from their discussions.


“First they ignore you 1), then they laugh at you 2), then they fight you 3), then you win 4).”

We are at 2) or 3) :smile: .



Top Think Tank Cato Institute: "NuBits show cryptocurrencies can be stable without government intervention"


Nice comment @masterOfDisaster.


A Bitshareholder, on dec. 29th:
Shamelessly Imitate (Nu & BCex), or Die A Slow Death:

“I suggest we start with shamelessly admitting that Nushares/Nubits/B&C Exchange have a quality (albeit different) solution to the same problem, and that merging those solutions into Bitshares so they can exist in harmony with SmartCoins is advantageous for both shareholders and “customers”. From there, let Bitshares’ users/customers decide which implementations they prefer. I think we would still have an advantage if we can get both solutions (SmartCoins and Nushares’ and B&Cs’ implementations) working harmoniously. An advantage in exposure, market cap, and utility due to all our other features. Let’s make sure we secure the decentralized exchange market before branching off too much.”


At least one BitShares community member is considering that shamelessly admitting “that Nushares/Nubits/B&C Exchange have a quality” is an option to start improvement of BitShares.
The CATO institute has scholars that find Nu not that bad at all.
The economical aspects of Nu have recovered after the exchange defaults in February 2015.

My guess for 2016: to the moonTM


I feel 2016 will be very interesting for Nu and peershares-based DACs.


Who controls the Nu Twitter account now? We should retweet Cato’s tweet linked above. I did already on the Peercoin account.


This Daily Decrypt episode talks about Nu’s plans to add support for Euro, Yuan and SDR, although she used the naming conventions that we wanted to avoid. It’s probably not a big deal though as the naming will be cleared up when we release them. There are several favorable comments on the video…


@CoinGame, this one (,20804.msg269081.html#msg269081) was a post I can wholeheartedly agree with!
Very well written!
And I like the discussion it sparked.


It was nice to see this article. I was communicating with William Luther back in February over Twitter:





Opinions about tetherUSD, coinoUSD, BitShares 2.0 and BitUSD (and NuBits)? [oct 24, 2015]


A lot of retweets of this post:


I was careful enough to put bitcoin at the beginning of the title but this is really about nubits.
Positive comments overall.



I’ve been using NuBits for six months. In fact, all my life savings are in NuBits.
If anyone is interested on how to achieve and maintain being your own bank, let me know. The future is upon us.