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WHAT IS SYSCOIN?Syscoin is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that not only allows low-cost financial transactions like Bitcoin, but provides businesses the infrastructure to trade goods, assets, digital certificates and data securely.


Reality check on ethereum




Please be aware of community guidelines when following links to voting-moderated communities.



Built on the Ethereum Blockchain, VΞX uses Turing-complete contracts to simplify venture governance, fund raising, asset management, financial reporting, auditing, and shareholder relations.


Kraken has been getting server attacked since the ETH pump, be cautious.
Poloniex is highly suspicious, with trade bots and fake trading
volume/book activity, as well as withdrawal problems and verification



Why is the official twitter account promoting functions which are not implemented yet?


I just wanted to post the same. Thanks @willy


I’ll adjust the messaging if you think it’s controversial. We want people downloading the wallet and seeing the underlying trading mechanics (such as voting for signers, voting for fees, etc.) even if actual trades are not yet enabled.


"Etheropt is a decentralized options exchange built on Ethereum"

"Reputation Ranking and monetary reward of Internet users"


How are you planning to take into consideration and defend the B&C user interests Vs BKS shareholders & signers?


Out of curiosity, how does B&C Exchange main idea compare with zero knowledge proof-based decentralized exchange (ex: ?


World’s First Decentralized Currency Exchange to Launch April 27!




Yesterday I lost all my bitcoins on my bitcoin wallet in blockchain. info


It will require of course lot more diligence to hack a lotof user accounts compared to hacking one central instance.

One can hope that this kind of infrastructure is well-protected. Still it can fail like numerous hacks have shown.

With BCE each user will really be responsible for the security of the private keys.