Some small things

When using the wallet for NuShares/NuBits I noticed a few things that maybe able to improve slightly, just cosmetic changes, not sure if it is critical

  1. In the menu there is the “Unit” section, there you can switch from NuShares to NuBits. This is also possible when you click the yellow NuBits, or red NuShares button next to “Overview Send Receive Transaction Address Book Park” I thought maybe it is redundant, I guess it is okay.
  2. When I have unlocked the NuShares wallet for minting only, from the settings menu. I can lock it again by using the same option, but it is still called “unlock wallet for minting only” Maybe it is possible to change that to Lock Wallet (when it is unlocked). I know it is not really an issue
  3. When backing up the wallet, I assumed the wallet for nushares is walletS.dat and the wallet for nubits is walletB.dat. Maybe an idea to put a default name in the filename section (which you can change).
  4. the bitcoin wallet mentions when the backup was successfully completed in a small message box, is nice to have a confirmation, but I can see that for myself too of course.

I know these are just minor details

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Thank you for the valuable feedback!

Thanks! We’ll discuss these for the next release.