Some mints by stake get lost

Hello, I was wondering why way more than half of the mints on my transactions list remain as the lowest of the two in the image below and never end up in my wallet.

It seems like the minting gets triggered, but gets lost. So, purely out of interest, is this normal and if yes, what causes it for some mints to happen propperly and some not?

My computer is always on, so that should not cause the loss. Theoretically though, if a mint gets triggered, can the wallet going offline cause it to get lost and if yes, what happens to the 40 NSR? Does someone else get it?

Thank you in advance!

Yes, if you go offline at specific times you lose your mint. Your minted block gets orphaned because it couldn’t get the word out and someone else added a new block instead and took the mint reward. Sounds like you have connectivity issues or something.

Do they have confirmations?
Otherwise any minted coins younger than… 5020?.. blocks will be locked / not spendable and listed as “stake” coin in the wallet overview.

i consider it as a normal phenomenon.
But you could keep it low if you have a very good internet connection and the wallet has more than 8 active connections
to NU network :wink:

here you can get an idea on how often the loss happens:

@zoro, is this a normal frequency of losses or am I having serious connectivity problems?

Mh. that looks a bit much to me. But then again, I don’t know how many minting eligible outputs you have in your wallet.

If you have a large six digit amount of NSR and bad peer luck… that could explain it.

Try adding some of these nodes to your client.

How? Edit your nu.conf file and write


this is the current reliable node table of NuSeed.

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how many active connections you have and what internet speed are you under?
you may test your actual speed at:

@andrejs – I’ve noticed similar issues when minting on my OSX machine over a wi-fi connection. What OS are you running Nu on?

this is definitely not a normal orphan rate.

If you have two clients minting with the same wallet most of your blocks found will be orphaned due to a security feature introduced a few months ago.
You can calculate orphan rate from

Thanks @willy, I will try adding the nodes as soon as I am at my minting computer.

@zoro, I have 8 active connections, will do the test asap and let you know.

@Ben, I am running on OSX with a wire connection.

Good to have another data point.

@desrever, have you noticed anything abnormal with orphan rates on any of your OS X systems?

Unfortunately I can´t help this time, I moved all the minting to raspberry