[Solved] Unconfirmed tx

Context: I am trying to register my nbt address to NuLagoon Tube.

Status: 0/unconfirmed, broadcast through 8 nodes
Date: 2016/01/14 16:26
To: nu lagoon tube nbt receive address BJDirPFfohpTRXTiTzw8gfZjV9qy3CRqpM
Debit: -0.524 NBT
Transaction fee: -0.01 NBT
Net amount: -0.534 NBT
Transaction ID: 12eadcd4b3131c6540a973738819e64b708d1a00495efa702da9dcce20702b15

Anybody has an idea about why I cannot get this tx through? It is weird.
What should I do?

It is broadcasted, thus it should be confirmed. I cannot see the tr id in explorer though!
edit: still no sign of the transaction in explorer! very strange. the network is not congested at all.
this kind of delay is only applicable in BTC due to congestion.
Is there a way to force my wallet to confirm a specific transaction?

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Still nothing. Does it something to do with the fact that I sent from an address to which I specified the change to be sent under coin control?
Or maybe I did not have the totality of the coins in the first place. I remember there is a bug in bitcoin-qt that does not display the correct amount after trying to double spend.
I made an experiment a few months back.

EDIT: this was indeed related to that display bug. No worries.

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