Smart Contracts Market

I’m really interested in the topic of how smart contracts will be implemented in cryptocurrency world. If yesterday crypto world was just a big game which didn’t not catch my attention at all, right now it turns into the serious market with serious financial instruments. I heard a lot about Ethereum project but actually I don’t realize how they will implement them in POS System.

I also know other projects which are going to introduce smart contracts, like Burst technology and Bytecoin technology

Do you know other cryptocurrencies which will introduce to the market their smartcontracts in the not-to-distant future?

And will NuBit (being POS cryptocurrency) introduce smart contracts? If yes, how?

BitShares is DPOS and uses this concept.

There’s no reason `raw’ POS can’t do these contracts. The core functions we really need are multisig addresses and (preferrably) the ability to recognize collateral in a variety of crypto assets, which from my understanding powers B&C exchange.

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