[Signer Voting] zoro: All available coins - withdraw

Hi all,
after Tomjoad’s proposal

i would like also to offer my services to NU and B&C community.
I am able to use any kind of hardware, private servers, vps, proxies, etc
My presence in this forum is very frequent and usually
my availability surpasses the 8 hours every day.
I successfully operate a dual nubot gateway in Poloniex with NU’s funds
and i believe i can offer much more in B&C exchange.


Do you want to propose a BKC address for reputed signer voting?

I withdraw from the proposal.

Is it possible you could tell us why? Do you not believe B&C will succeed any longer or something else?

i am occupied with other activities. i hope b&c will succeed, i am still a shareholder :wink: