[Signer Voting] Willy B&C exchange signer: See list of coins in the thread

Hey there,

I would like to be a reputed signer for BCEX.

List of supported coins:

I’m not willing to sign NXT or BTS transactions, due to their non-standard client interfaces/RPC’s.

For those who don’t know me yet, I run a company called Coinerella (www.coinerella.com) that focuses on creating Nu related products.
I’m also assisting @woolly_sammoth with the NuPool operation.

Moreover, I have over five years of experience with running and maintaining virtual and dedicated servers.
I currently manage four different servers.

For my signer service, I’ll use a dedicated server which will mostly fulfill B&C related tasks, but not exclusively.




What about BKS and BKC? You only forgot to add them, right?
And I suppose with “Nu” you mean NSR and NBT. I guess it would be good to name them explicitly.

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I don’t mind what are the coins that are supported by singers yet. I think this can easily be changed during B&C operation.

If a signer declines supporting a coin BKS holders want to see listed at BCE, they need to know, because it will affect their voting behaviour :wink:
It’s important to know which coins are supported by a signer.

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I think you would be albe to help many other signers on the technical side of things AND be a great signer yourself! Thanks for you application.

Do you want to propose a BKC address for reputed signer voting?

@willy, are you still interested in becoming a signer?