[Signer Voting] Phoenix for B&C Exchange Reputed Signer

I would like to petition BlockShare holders to vote for me as a reputed signer for B&C Exchange.

I have a history of responsibly managing large amounts of shareholder assets in single key addresses in my role as Chief of Liquidity Operations. I have a well deserved reputation for being careful to be compliant with shareholder directives. I promise to follow the directives of BlockShare holders faithfully.

Given the serious failures Nu has experienced with multisig signers, it seems particularly important we get stable signers who will follow the rules. Despite those failures, B&C signers may be more likely to behave in a predictable and compliant manner because no manual signing is required.

Still, it appears B&C Exchange needs signers like me, so I am offering my services.

I will commit to signing for BTC, NBT, NSR, PPC, BKC and BKS. I may support other assets as they become supported.

Here is my reputed signer address you can vote for:

Why no support for Peercoin? That seems to be an obvious choice, considering where we all came from. All other signers are supporting it.

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I just added it to my list of assets I will commit to supporting.

Welcome! We need some different voices in the RSOT, so that our customers don’t worry about the possibility of collusion because all the money are held in the reputed signers’ hands.

Thank you. Due to your high level of involvement, enthusiasm for the project, large BlockShare ownership (as you have stated yourself publicly) and long history in the community, I enthusiastically support you as a reputed signer @Sabreiib. Thank you for your work.

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