[Signer voting] I am Sabreiib and apply for a reputed signer

My activity on this forum is from Sep. 2014 and my dedicated hardware is intel i5 16GB ram , 256 GB SSD+2T drive, 10M intenet connection, I have basic linux knowledge.

My BKS address is: 8XQaJSXNFk5kijspiphx17EdET6QuDPi2a
Please vote for me!

@CoinGame, you may edit a thread where many signers application information is gathered so that voters can easily find what they want.


@jooize welcome you as a signer, you are a responsible man.


You need to put [Signer Voting] in your thread title.

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Sabreiib, I vote for you.

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@Sabreiib, you should add in the default coins you plan to support. Try looking at the other threads to see what they’re doing.

I plan to support NSR NBT BKS BKC BTC, but they should be voted directly by shareholder, isn’t it? After some coins voted, the signers have to support them, signers have no choice. Is my opinion correct?

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