[Signer Voting] Dhume B&C exchange signer: All coins

For those of you that don’t know me. I’m Dhume a Nushareholder since September ’15, also I’m a large shareholder in B&C since the ICO crowdsale. I have participated as a liquidity provider for several Nu liquidity pools and currently am a FLOT member. Also I’m the operator/contract holder of Nusafe for which 7500 BKS of mine is held as collateral by FLOT. I’m very active and check the forum on a daily basis and am required to do so by FLOT and Nusafe obligations. Unfortunately I don’t have as much time as I would like to spend on crypto / Nu and therefore cannot participate in every discussion.

I’m putting my name forward like several others to become a dedicated B&C Exchange signer. I’m not sure what the best template is and I’m not technically as savvy as some of the other members so I’m not yet stating a definitive signer setup yet. I do however possess additional hardware like a Rasp Pi and an additional laptop but I’m also open to setting up a VPN.

In essence I’m willing to make whatever investment is needed to get the most optimal setup for signing. Whatever investment is required it should be peanuts compared to my stake in BKS. I’m willing to support every coin supported by shareholders and to use whatever method is deemed ideal. I hope we can get a dedicated signer team going in the next few weeks so we can start trying out different builds and setups and be sure the signer part is 100% taken care of by the time B&C is ready for deployment.


Do you want to propose a BKC address for reputed signer voting?

I’ve just gotten back after so much needed time off to consider everything that’s happened and where I stand. Will read up next few days to catch up with everything that has gone on recently.