[Signer Voting] backpacker

I would like to become a B&C exchange reputed signer.

I have been following a Nu community for a long time, since it spawned from Peercoin. I’m currently providing macosx builds for Nu and B&C, as well as run a nu block explorer instance. I am a programmer and understand blockchain sufficiently for me to provide useful services to our projects.

There’s a server infrastructure already in place that serves nuexplorer.ddns.net that can be used to support signing process at no extra cost.

List of supported coins: BTC, PPC, NBT, NSR, BKS, BKC

I am striving to be available every day bar family holidays )




Welcome backpacker! I am on travel, but 5 days later I’ll begin to vote signers, and you are definitely on my list.

backpacker, appreciate your work a lot and I vote for you.

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@backpacker, I am angry that your reputation is still low, and I use all my share to support you from today, I don’t vote for myself now.


backpacker is an exellent potential signer – a responsible community member and expert in setting up servers and running them.


I thank all people who are voting for me, to be honest I am not surprised at how many share days are spent to down vote me, who visibly shown ability to perform technical tasks of the job, it is somehow sad. I will not fail my supporters though and will continue running my node 24/7.


I am upvoting for you. Hope eligible signers becomes 8 so you and Mark can get reward.

It’d be interested to know, who (which addresses) vote @Phoenix up and @backpacker down.
One of those two has a credible interest in B&C Exchange (and Nu).
I wouldn’t vouch for the other one.

Do you still believe Nu and B&C Exchange have a chance as long as Jordan has direct influence?
Is there a way except for a hardfork that purges malevolent addresses?

How will you be able to introduce revenue at Nu as long as Jordan rules?
How will you be able to convince B&C Exchange custoners to rely on “reputed” signers if you already doubt the reputation of one, but can’t keep him from being one of the top signers?

Gather information and act!

It might be useful to consider who’s voting @Phoenix down as well…