[Signer Voting] B&C exchange reputed signer proposal -- mhps

I would like to become a B&C exchange reputed signer. I have been a Nu community member since the beginning and a long time Peercoin community member. I am a Nu FLOT member and has working knowledge of creating and signing multisig addresses. I am familiar with crypto and blockchain technology, and is comfortable in programming on RPC command and script level. So I see possible contribution from me to streamline B&C signing.

I plan to use VPS and support BTC, PPC, NSR, NBT, BKS, BKC for production B&C in the beginning, and add more (e.g. LTC, DOGE, DASH) when my experience increases. Regular backups will be made. High availability options (e.g. hot stand-by servers) will be studied and used if practical.

Although B&C signing is automated but I would like to give availability information of my time for maintanence. I often have reasonably good access to the Internet but there could be days of interrupts due to travel and holidays, when the internet is totally unavailable or only web access (port 80) from very insecure computers are available. So I put in the motion that I am available in 24 hours for 280 days a year and best effort basis for the rest of the days.

edit: add address



And your BKS address, so I can vote for you.:slight_smile:


Yes, we need your address.

I didn’t realize this can be voted. shall I hash something formally written? Thing is there are still unanswered questions so a formal motion seems not ready. But I added an address in the OP. Maybe people can use it to test.

B&C not ready for full operation, so we are planning to elect some reputed signers to make decisions for this project, and that’s why Sigmike quickly release the V5 version because he wants to discuss with the community, but it’s impractical to talk with all the shareholders. A small group is needed.

I guess there will be quite some time before V6.0 release, so you don’t have to prepare everything such as hardware at once.

mhps, I vote for you.

Thanks for the trust, Mark.

Testing the voting mechanism as we speak by voting for you! @mhps :slight_smile:

I added you address to the Up votes list in my BKS client, do I also need to set a weight and reward?

Thanks. I am traveling and cannot use ssh. you can use

bcexchanged getblock `…/bcexchanged getblockhash your_block_number`

to see how a block you find votes.