Signer reward

Just noticed that the B&C client now rewards signers. At the time of writing it apparently rewards 3 reputed signers with a reward of 0.001 BKS per block.

Looking at the reputation list in the client, I (8ZzendnyZ…) am currently on the fifth position by score. So to me I shouldn’t get a reward, yet for every block I currently mint I see the reward added. Is this a bug or is it my misunderstanding?

When you mint, you create two block rewards: one for the minter (currently 0.01 BKS) and one for a reputed signer (currently 0.001 BKS). The reputed signer reward typically goes to someone else, although in your case it would be sent to you sometimes if you had a top three reputation.

The system seems to be working properly.

I checked the blockchain and I couldn’t find a block rewarding your address with 0.001 BKS. Does your client display incoming transactions of 0.001 BKS?

Does anyone besides me wonder, how @Phoenix knows that?
Then again, I don’t really wonder; I’m rather marvelling at the show @Phoenix provides.
Everything falls into place.

I though the signers are rewarded from a cut of the transaction fee as a result of actual helping with customers by signing transactions, not from taxing all the shareholders by getting a score which the few largest share holders controls without havind to do any work. This just invites corruption.

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I’m sure it was designed that way.

I think it is pretty ironic, given the state of Nu, that we are electing people to hold the keys to customer funds. One of which is the lead dev but for some reason is afraid to show his face on the forum. And that we are even working together as if Phoenix is just some organic new team member here or that he is in fact the lead dev and is in fact afraid to show his face around here.

@Sabreiib has stated publicly he is a large B&C shareholder. It appears he has been using his own shares to vote up his reputation. While I can understand the initial intuitive reaction that this is unfair, it works very well actually. A valid perspective on the cause of the recent multisig failures in Nu may be that the signers didn’t have a significant stake. To be a signer in B&C, you either need to be a large shareholder or enjoy the favor of a large voting block. That is how it should be. I have high confidence in @Sabreiib as a reputed signer precisely because he is a large shareholder. It is fine with me if every vote he receives comes from himself, although that is unlikely to be the case. Being able to vote yourself reputation is one of the many benefits of share ownership.

Also, the system permits down voting. I expect shareholders who vote themselves reputation without demonstrating credible intent to sign properly will be down voted by other shareholders.

Reputed signers will soon be earning their pay as they test an incomplete B&C Exchange.

I’m travelling in Russia and voted for myself before I left home when there was no any other reputed signer applicant providing the BKS address.

Several days later, I will modify my voting list by adding some other applicants.

BTW, the RSOT motion will be hashed in daology.

I’m minting all my blocks with 0.011 BKS (in the client as valid transactions) which is 0.001 BKS more than usual. This happens since the signer reward became available in the client. This number matches the signer reward. However I’m not in the top 3 of rewarded signers according to the same client, but it looks like I’m still rewarded 0.001 BKS for every block I mint.

Apparently I must be misunderstanding something given your responses. Can you please try again to explain in different words? I’m puzzled.

Edit: changed the minting rewards mentioned (had one zero too many in them)

None of the blocks rewarded your signer address so this should not happen. It’s probably the client that calculates the reward by looking at all the outputs without considering the destination address.

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Interesting, but it is unlikely that I’m the only one seeing this. Can others maybe look at their current minting reward, sure I’m not the only one minting…

Indeed. Does the “listtransactions” RPC also displays the same amounts?

Listtransactions shows the correct amount:

“account” : “”,
“category” : “immature”,
“amount” : 0.01,
“size” : 399,

So maybe it is just a client gui issue?

Certainly. I created an issue: