Should we be nervous when banks equipped with blockchain tech?

As we all known, banks are never lack of fund and human resource, when they utilize the blockchain tech, what’s the future of cryptos?

Give out your opinions and reasons.

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Good development for adoption of blockchain technology. But banks will take their share of the crypto currency world and we will need to have to compete on a combination of lower costs, ease of use and ideology (decentralisation).

It’s my guess that control-freak government will love to use cryptocurrencies because they are able to know how every satoshi is spent. They can inplement the protocol such that only “registered” addresses can spend and receive transactions. Taxation and auditing will be automatic.

Banks can’t compete with Bitcoin or Peercoin, but it sure can compete with Nu.

commercial bank: We wanna use blockchain tech to provide better service!

central bank: That’s good, in this way you’ll beat cryptos badly.

commercial bank: Sure, even btc has a small group of developers, leave alone other copy cats. How about we issue our own money?

central bank: Your money? For what?

commercial bank: For anti inflation/deflation

central bank: How dare you say that! you have to obey my monetary as long as I am alive!

commercial bank: Central bank sucks…

bitcoin: Sure, central bank already greedy and dilute people’s wealth, I can stop it.

Nu: For your amatuer and naive monetary?

bitcoin: Nu! WTF are you talking about?

Nu: I am talking about Friedrich Hayek.


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