ShapeShift NuBits stuck in limbo [closed]


I’ve bought some NuBits wit BTC over ShapeShift. Initially, they appeared in my NuDroid wallet with the notice that they will be spendable within a few minutes.

However, they then remained stuck for several days. I’ve then re-downloaded the blockchain again and now the sum has completely disappeared.

In the blockexplorer it says that the output has not been redeemed (18.457 NBT).

Is there a way to receive the NuBits? Alternatively, should I talk to ShapeShift to send it back to my return address?


Are you sure that NuDroid has synced the blockchain properly? Also, as long as you still have the private key you should be able to spend it. I don’t know how to extract it from NuDroid’s wallet file though, will pywallet work?

The NuBits showed up after a few hours of syncing. I will close this topic.Thanks!

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