asking crazy 30% premium!

Instant Rate 1.00 NBT = 0.00294041 BTC
1 BTC = 266 USD in bitstamp at this moment

I cannot tolerate such stealing. How is it justified? Did we pay to to include nubits? They might as well as drop the listing if they intend to ask fucking 30% premium.


because of this, we can now say that nubits has lost the peg. Because 1 bitcoin is currently worth 266$ and you have to pay 350 NBT to get 1 BTC, that makes the value of 1 NBT equal to 0.76$.

That’s right, nubits has lost the peg on — 1 NBT = 0.76 USD. This is preposterous!


Ok I just noticed that the above was about some mysterious “instant rate” and that when you specify the amount of BTC you wish to receive then you are given much different rate. I am confused now.

Haha, calm down. Shhh, shhhh.

When you specify the exact amount of Bitcoin you want to spend, it’s exactly 1 USD per NBT. That is the same rate that NuDroid uses when you pay via their shapeshift gateway.

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shapeshift have glitches some times. nothing unusual, but you have to be very careful before accepting any
deal with it!

I think their services are suffering today, given the spammed BTC network. Can’t get much done :frowning: