Adds Nubits

ShapeShift has added Nubits to their list of over 10 altcoins to be exchanged on No account needed. Instant and easy.


Welcome to forum. :slight_smile:

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Thank you! Happy to be here :smile:

Hi @ShapeShift_io , welcome to the forum. You built an awesome tool and we are very excited.

Hopefully can build a full partnership. Thanks to your service people will now be able to hedge their alts against the dollar instantly.

Do not hesitate to ask here!

If you all need help with anything let us know. The dev team is always prowling the forums and we think is a great service. We hope the partnership benefits both projects for a long time.

You snaked me!!! I have to be quicker…

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Great job - adding NBT, but even more creating at all!
I tried to test the NBT conversion, but no matter what pair (and what direction of conversion) I choose, the deposit limit is always 0.0000 NBT.
How does exchanging from or to NBT start if you can’t create any NBT “order”?

Seems to be working now :slight_smile:

I tried to convert something else and that went swimmingly.
I already love! :smiley:

great work! happy nu year

Thank you! You, too!

currently there is no exchange for ppc/nbt, only shapeshift!
but how shapeshift can support this pair? via intermediate btc exchanges? isn’t this a risk when values changing fast?