Shall we prepare a motion to decide where the signers reward comes from?

I think this is the most important thing with regard to B&C business, it seems some BKS holders prefer to use transaction revenue while others like directly issue new BKS to reputed signers. My thought on question.

  1. Ordinary BKS holders may get hurt by the new issued BKS sold by Signers. Eg, they may receive dividend of 2% value of his BKS but before he get happy he find his BKS price drops 5% because some reputed signers sell some BKS on free market.

Look at Bitshare tragedy, those continuous issued Bitshares are being sold on free market and ordinary BKS holders get diluted badly.

It seems that Sigmike is working on BKS reward scheme for reputed signers, if so, ordinary share holders should at least decide what level reward to signers, we may vote to give them 0.02 BKS or 0.01BKS on some basis, that’s our self protection.

  1. From accounting view, if B&C business profit is low, why would we shareholders(owner of this company) give high salary to our employees (reputed signers)? Some reputed signers may have duel ID: one is employee, the other is shareholder. But they get dividend as shareholders and their signers ID is just employee.

If we overpay our employees when our business not good, we are horrible bosses. B&C company is business, not social welfare institute. We don’t care how signers are smart, how they are famous, who they are,or how much invest/energy they’ve put into B&C. As long as our business not good, no money to pay them! They, as employees, may resign if they are not satisfied with this salary.

This is satisfied by paying a fixed amount of shares, as is currently in the whitepaper. I don’t understand what you are proposing. Can you phrase your proposal in the form of a motion?


2016 July , B&C business profit is 10,000$(BKC)

Would you issue new BKS with value of 20,000$ to reputed signers after referencing BKS price? This kind of thing can happen if you fix BKS reward and BKS price is high on free market. Then BKS price will probably drop.

If you say yes, I believe you are losing your mind. In real world, employees sometimes get paid with shares as salary, eg. Tim Cook gets millions of Apple shares, but the quantity of shares given to Tim cook had been carefully calculated by accountant and passed by board of directors. I don’t thinkl Apple inc is mad to such extend that they pay Tim cook more than Apple’s revenue!

I will prepare a motion after all undistributed BKS destroyed.

I would be curious to know the mechanism used by Bitshares to issue new shares.

It is said that if someone wanna issue more, then issue them.