September 23, 2015: NuBits becomes the first decentralized digital currency in history to maintain $1.00 for an entire year

We just reached a historical milestone that can never be taken away from our network. Congratulations to all NuShareholders on a successful first year of operations!


Congratulations everybody, its has been quite a ride. Momentum looks good and we learned a lot in this first year.

I invite shareholders and members of this community to think about something special to do for Nu’s first birthday. Anything that help nu’s growth :wink:

Make a t-shirt, a meme, a tweet, a mug, make a post on reddit, bring new members from other communities…

EDIT : I noticed that the happy birthday song became also royalty-free yesterday . So sing it out loud

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NuBits is 1y old. The first stable crypto-currency in the world has just turned one year today on September 23rd, 2015. Long live to NuBits! #NuBitsIs1yOld

If you bought NuShares exactly a year ago, then you have experienced a 3.4% price appreciation and dividends equal to 22.8% of your purchase price. That is a total annual return of 26.2%.

By way of comparison, Bitcoin lost 43% in the same time period.


I have a feeling our 2nd year of operation is going to be even bigger! :smile:

I posted this here and other Peercoin channels…


There is a response on Twitter here.

Congrats everyone! This is quite the achievement and it’s been an exciting year!
I hope we can see some future implementations for a pegged asset soon!

Congratulations to all NuShares and NuBits holders.