Selling BlockShares (BKS) @ $6 (now accepting Nubits as payment option)

Hello folks,

I’m selling some BlockShares (BKS) for $6. Reason: I need to pay some bills and other stuff as well.

I accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Nubits (US-NBT) as payment.

P.S. You can always pay me using your altcoins with (or similar exchange services) too…

Min deal amount 1k BKS

Buyer of larger amount gets price discount.

Escrow accepted.

PM offers.

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Sorry buddy but everyone is Jordan Lee until proven innocent.


Just to offer a competitive perspective I have 400 BKS available at $1.90

I don’t intend to be disrespectful to you, but do you mind posting your offer somewhere else? :grin:

Why do you accept ETH aka VitalyCoin? :smiley: It’s worthless. ETC is the true Ethereum.

Due to volatility issues, I’m just trying to make it easy to do deals here.

In fact, only Bitcoin is interesting for me at this point.

All altcoins I grab here will be exchanged for BTC in the end.

edit: I’ve also included Peercoin because I believe in and support that project too!


As the peg seems to have been recovered I’m now accepting NuBits (NBT) too.

I’m also willing to sell a few hundred BKS at a fair price. Just PM me.

Need to pay bills too…

Selling BKS @ $6.50 for now…

Refer to OP.

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I’m selling BKS @ $6 right now (US-NBT accepted as payment).

OP for details and additional info.

Selling up to 4,000 BKS @ $5. PM if interested.

Selling up to 2,500 BKS @ $4.50. PM if interested.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful but would you mind opening a new thread for your own selling offers?

P.S. It looks like thread hijacking…:roll_eyes:

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