[Sell Side]Bter.com @huafei

Time to consider terminating Nu funded operations at bter?
…just in case bter comes back…

it can load smoothly at my side with SS proxy,

they tell me they have a update of CDN .

i will withdraw all Nu fund if FLOT member want me to do it.

This operation is based on a grant.
I’m on the fence whether FLOT should have the discretion to terminate or at least pause it.

On the one hand this might be an advantage of having FLOT, being more agile than motions and grants - after all the question whether to withdraw funds is related to liquidity.
On the other hand it can be questioned whether FLOT is acting in the best interest of the shareholders halting this operation.

@cryptog, @Dhume, @dysconnect, @jooize, @mhps, @ttutdxh, @woodstockmerkle what do you think?

I recommend to act first (ask huafei to withdraw the funds until there’s more information) and discuss later, or make a motion to determine the will of the shareholders.
Nu funds are at stake!

I’m on the fence with this, I feel exposure to Chinese markets are a good thing for Nu but I’m not very fond of Bter their site feels outdated and shaky. I don’t feel comfortable trading personal funds on their exchange and quite frankly am glad we stopped doing NSR buybacks on them. But maybe I’m overzealous and spoiled by using “fancier” exchanges with better UI’s.

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I have no problem with the look and feel, but I’m worried about the funds there.
Bter already owes Nu some money since February 2015. I’m on mobile and don’t want to dig for that information.
I don’t want to add two more grand to it…

But it looks like it’s only a DNS issue, which does limit the users to those with chinese DNS.

I’d still like to continue the discussion amongst FLOT members how to treat such a situation.
It might be worthwhile to have this discussion split from this thread - to keep this thread free from it and to prevent burying it here.

Dousnt CCEDK also still owe Nu like 20k usd?

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Even more than 20k:

Do we have a Nu funded operation there?
I’m only aware of ALP (which will soon have an extended break).

Wow, thats quitte a hefty debt are we gaining interest or?

Please visit that other thread, which I’ve linked :wink:

I hope ronny starts moving and even more important: paying (the rest of the debt).

I have an idea how to provide him with an incentive if getting the debt paid isn’t enough.
That idea might require some work, but could once more show that a DAO has a lot of features of a corporation after all :smiley:

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I don’'t see a strong enough reason to terminate bter operation. bter has been not reliable. but that is life is cryptosphere.

You’d think a public business like CCEDK 100% reliant on customers (traders) would have incentive enough to keep their reputation the utmost cleanest as possible. Not paying your (long overdue) debts wouldn’t be very good publicity I’d imagine.

I don’t see that reason either, after it started looking like related to DNS only.
But what should we (FLOT, the LP) do, if it weren’t only related to DNS?

I don’t have slinging mud in mind when I speak about an incentive for ronny to pay the debts back :wink:

Bter.com loads from Sweden.

I’m not particularly fond of Bter, but it seems popular and I guess we want to be there. Difficult question at which point to withdraw funds concerning exchange default risk. I have no solid opinion.

We can ask @huafei to withdraw half of the funds just in principle for example at this stage.

Why not? Good idea!
It would reduce the funds at risk (they get traded only slowly anyway) and it would give reason to discuss this step.

ok back to normal

nud getliquidityinfo B |grep BRUuKfGur7CZSLy65gYUPJUQyQZeT1XQnD -A 2
        "BRUuKfGur7CZSLy65gYUPJUQyQZeT1XQnD" : {
            "buy" : 0.27,
            "sell" : 2015.6967

Then we should first find evidence that it’s not only related to DNS.

system reboot, and turn back

nud getliquidityinfo B |grep BRUuKfGur7CZSLy65gYUPJUQyQZeT1XQnD -A 2
        "BRUuKfGur7CZSLy65gYUPJUQyQZeT1XQnD" : {
            "buy" : 0.31,
            "sell" : 2015.6967

i will withdraw 2010(5 is my test banlance) NBT to @jooize 's burn address , it will be a 1%+0.1 withdraw fee taken by bter.com