See votes on block explorer

I wonder how much work is needed to develop the functionality that allows the block explorer to display voting info below each minted block? Not just hashes but short descriptions too so that it would be easy to remotely monitor how your block minter is actually doing. It could be useful in cases where you have a raspberry pi doing the minting geographically in a very different location and you just want to keep an eye on its progress and see what your data feed provider is providing (or potentially see if the data feed is for some reason no longer effective).

The obvious and straightforward solution is a remote login to the machine.

with a reverse ssh tunnel? IMO it’s pointlessly complicated if the same info I am after can be extracted from the very block chain itself

Connecting to a device is more complicated than reworking the blockexplorer?
Hmmm… but you are right; the info is in the blockchain.
You could create your own blockexplorer that supports this feature :wink:

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extending a block explorer should not be complicated at all. connecting to a firewalled device is a mess since you’d need a proxy to act as a server in the middle. I can in theory make emergency connections to my device but it’s a big hassle and involves utilizing the i2p anonymity network. block explorer parses blocks anyway so I was wondering that whoever is developing/maintaining the block explorers right now could consider this as an enhancement. if, as you say, it requires “reworking” the blockexplorer then I’m afraid that particular block explorer is poorly designed to begin with.

By “reworking” I mean that you have to add the features and scan the blockchain, if you want to provide the information for all blocks (even those from before the update).
I don’t think it’s rocket science, but still it needs to be done.
This costs time and money.
Who’s going to pay for it?

I wouldn’t rescan the block chain for that. Just display motion hashes as part of the block. makes sense for a block explorer anyway.

Why not looking at the current block explorer for your BKS address?
E.g. you look when minted the last block (assuming 8RP4Ctmj7ZxruGjLfGHgsXsgA28gY996QW is your BKS address) and check the votes of that block from your local BCE client.
Say 393376 is the last block minted by
8RP4Ctmj7ZxruGjLfGHgsXsgA28gY996QW then
bcexchanged getassets 393376 shows the motions in this block.
You can do that for other stuff as well.
No need to access your remote minter, but only have to track your BKS addresses.

that’s a very good idea

…not very convenient, but entirelely possible with the tools we have…