Security update: Nu 2.0.3 and B&C Exchange 3.0.2

BTW, how about put source code (less than 30MB)on blockchain, so that if our website/ hang for some reason(eg attacked) , users still can download source.

blockchain storage is similar with bittorrent, isn’t it?

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When B&C in operation, some people may only browse B&C website, inconvenient to find answer in another pages.

I like the idea, but not 30 MB per version. The Git repository… incrementally? How would people download it, and do you suggest custom blocks for data? How much data can we store in each block right now?

Publishing version with hash in blockchain and letting people find a download elsewhere might be useful.

Since miners share Nu/BKS blockchain data(up to 1GB even 40GB) in decentralized mechanism, we can share source code in same way. It is a simple bittorrent application.

this should be pinned.

Tks @CoinGame .

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Finally upgraded. I’ve been away on vacation and only just got back now.

I am running the 2.0.3 Beta version was there changes after that or is that fine

You are on the correct version. 2.0.3 is the most recent.

rat4, the main developer of Blackcoin, claims that the fix is not complete:

The fix is not complete. A signature contains three encoded lengths, but the patch covers only one of them.


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