Russia blocks centralized exchanges from being used

“This is also precisely why we need some sort of decentralized on-ramp to the bitcoin economy. When national pressures start blocking access to centralized exchanges, how does bitcoin survive? Especially if the order comes from transnational banks that act as the puppet-masters of our governments. I guess we’ll be meeting in person to exchange what will be a niche currency with a stagnate or shrinking market cap? This is a real problem, and we need solutions.”


I wonder how efficient this move is.
Can’t the customers use a VPN or a proxy or something else in order to have access?
Decentralized exchanges with also fiat usage would be awesome of course!
Moreover, decentralized internet in general without the use of ISPs is also a necessity :wink:

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i put this here because it is good to know how great nations-goverments take care of their citizens despite others that trying to censor them!