Roadmap Discussion

Suggest or discuss items on our roadmap.

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I’m curious how you let community unite together. People come here to earn money, if you insist the liquidity engine which makes early shareholder lose money from time to time, this liquidity engine is a wrong direction.

Cryptocurrency is not just C++/Blockchain, it includes psychology/finance etc. Nu is not Ponzi, it’s even worse than Ponzi, after all a typical Ponzi makes early participants rich while Nu makes early holders lose money.

Make shareholders rich as Bitcoin/Etherium did, then they will love you. The liquidity engine may work fine in someone’s brain, but the reality told us that issuing more NSR leads to shareholders rebelling. Real world is often more complicated than we thought, isn’t it?

I like to see some efforts to get NBT listed on a real decentralised exchanges like Bitsquare, OpenBazaar or Blocknet in the future. The volumes are probably still low right now, but I suspect we will see a few more exchanges fail after BTC-e due to government interventions.
Investing now in such markets I believe would pay back later. Some different technology may need to be developed and possibly the client needs to be updated to support this. It could also prepare for B&C if that ever comes to life again.

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accumulation has been done. @jooize and @Phoenix might be sitting on a billion NSR together. Now it’s time for a great roadmap. All smart minds are now kindly invite to come back and suggest how to make Nu great again! @jooize you are a funny clown.

Great to see this roadmap with clear priorities.

Also good to see the current focus on strengthening key weaknesses by getting multi-sig groups set up & making the software robust prior to focusing on getting listed more widely.

@Sabreiib: You inspired me to write some useful explanations of concepts in Nu, I believe. I’ll post when more completely drafted. We may disagree on what happened or why, but thank you.

@Cybnate: Bisq (prev. Bitsquare) apparently supports US NuBits and NuShares.

@woolly_sammoth: Can you determine the efforts necessary to run NuBot or equivalent on Bisq?

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Unfortunately, trading APIs are not available until a couple of versions time (0.7 byt the looks of it
Without a trading API, NuBot will not be able to function.
We may be able to do something with automating the web interface through selenium or similar but it would be flaky at best and liable to break when they inevitably change the UI.


Atomic Swaps would perhaps resolve some issues with exchange listings. It looks like atomic swaps can happen with or without segwit. Im not very in tune with blockchain mechanics, so I dont have a suggestion of how this can be done, but I would see it as being very useful.
What they are/use cases:

The Chinese market does not like to issue additional shares and lock in shares, they think such a coin is dead.