Ripple Labs Signs First Two US Banks

yeap, banks are really like ripple-like coins. no secret here. I think ripple and stellar are good
investments along with nushares,ppc and so long.
just think the case that goverments “shutdown” btc-like coins. ripple and stellar would have no problem :wink:

Why would you think that?

On the contrary, I see it far easier for systems like Ripple and Stellar to be disrupted by State intervention than I do a decentralized network such as Bitcoin’s.


But Nu never get decentralized if there are only several custodians.

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This depends on the future ways to distribute/buy back NBT :wink:
As long as Nu solely relies on custodians to do that, you are right.
Burning mechanisms bring alternatives into play!

i don’t know when people will actually care about decentralization. right now all the coins are handled only for money transfer activities. merhants are not keep them, they may only keep nubits since it is stable but we cannot be sure.

Maybe I understand your post wrong, but nevertheless I wanted to state this.
The single block chain in which NSR and NBT are processed is solely secured by minting with the NSR.
NBT has no active part in Nu block chain security!