Reward People With NuShares for Long-Term Discipline and Patience

Hello everyone!

I recently bought NuBits after reading the white paper, and researching the concept of how NuBits and NuShares work. I loved the concept so much that I now invest in only 2 crypto-currencies: NuBits and Unobtanium (I do plan on adding Peercoin to this). In this brief posting, I would like to share some of my thoughts on what would make me even more excited about NuBits.

After reading a lot of the posts on this forum, it is evident to me that what people are most excited about (and what there is the most demand for) is NuShares. Unfortunately, in modern society we are often taught to immediately satisfy our impulses. Example: if you want an Iphone 6, go out and buy it RIGHT NOW.

Here is an idea: why don’t we make NuShares the reward for parking NuBits for a VERY long period of time? For example, if you were to park your NuBits for less than a year, then you would build up interest in the form of NuBits, but if you had the discipline to park your NuBits for a year or more, you would then earn interest in NuShares. This would encourage patience and discipline, and it would tend to make the price of NuBits extremely stable (which is one of the main goals).

I would love to hear thoughts from the community. Thank you for your time!


What I like when thinking about this idea is the fact that this would be a way to reward people for parking without inflating NuBits.
On the other side this introduces an inflation of NuShares. The current “inflation” model of NuShares wouldn’t affect the NuShares holders as long as they participate in the minting. Because then they get an annual reward in percent of NuShares that equals the (more or less) the inflation of NuShare in percent.

Nevertheless I like the idea, because it introduces a new concept of rewarding the NuBits parking!