Reverse NBT/BTC price display on supported exchanges

In most exchanges we support NBT price is displayed in terms of BTC.

This means we see that NBT is 0.0026 BTC rather than BTC being 380 NBT; this is a significant hindrance to human beings who wish to decide whether the NBT/BTC price is fair.

We don’t ask exchanges to treat NBT as a baseline to denominate other crypto-coins, just to provide better means for customers to judge the core merit of our product, that they can easily compare NBT/BTC prices against USD/BTC prices across exchanges.

I hope the community can join me in submitting support tickets to petition the exchanges to change the way they display trading prices for NBT/BTC pairs.


I asked them to add nbt-denominated markets since the first day nubits launched … You’ll find a wall, but the more requests the better.

SouthXchange has NBT-denominated market now.

Its also a huge advantage for crypto exchanges, since they can basically have “synthetic fiat” without going down the road of dealing with USD .


I hear you, but Poloniex also has USDT. Though I guess it is feasible for their engines to switch to NBT denomination.

what about decentralized exchange like
also OPENNBT_USD OPENNBT_CNY OPENNBT_BTS pairs NBT they also have NSR and Just added BKS deposit withdrawals OPEN.BKS_BTC just few days ago use chrome to visit iexplore as issues connection too

Did you look into it? I’m feeling slightly uncomfortable supporting an artificial NBT. We have our hands full on the real one. Unless this exchange takes off with huge volumes I would just wait and see.

yes i have a account the deposit buy sell orders for BKS/NSR/NBT and withdrawal also all work you can get more information with @ronny CCEDK who owns the asset on openledger with openledger-wallet account Issuer

@Cybnate I would like to confirm that the NuBits, NuShares and BKS pairs on OpenLedger are based on similar system as any ordinaary exchange, as it is only the assets on platform fully integrated whereas NuBits etc are based on a bridge similar to the way any other centralized exchange is working in fact with hot and cold wallets.

I did not manage to say yet, but wanted to introduce all NuShares and Blockshares holders to Openledger inviting them with a special welcome gift of 10 OBITS each account created, but would have loiked to co ordinate it for proper press coverage.

On top of that it is the plan to introduce NubIts as the first crypto to support our nanocard finally getting up on CCEDK as well, and with the media about to hit the fan with some big news come april, it is a very ncie time to prepare for it all.

NuBits would eventually be available as the supported crypto apart from bitcoin to our NanoCard.

lets speak a little more on this, and a great way for me to help reduce any outstanding to the NuShares community.




We are going slightly off-topic here, but it is good to see NuBits support on the NanoCard. I think a number of our users would be interested in that.

Re Openledger, maybe you can elaborate or refer to place on how the API work on OpenLedger. In order for us to keep the peg anywhere it is important that we can support it with bots. I’m not saying that someone would work on this right now, but at least it would clarify what is required to support it in the future and the Shareholders can think of it or run a proof of concept if simple.

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