[Resolved] Temporary NuBot outage on CCEDK

01:00 GMT Update

Three of the four supported CCEDK markets are back online.

The fourth, NBT/EUR is still offline, but not due to the now resolved CCEDK API issue, but rather, Bitstamp’s (hopefully temporary) outage. NuBot has an exchange rate validation algorithm that uses multiple feeds (three) to coordinate and double-check it’s pricing before placing orders. Unfortunately, the BitstampEUR price feed is one of the three EUR feeds that the bot uses. Until this point there was no reason to include a fourth feed. Until a new pricing feed can be wired up, or until Bitstamp’s feeds are brought back online again, this market will be offline. There is no ETA, but the team will begin working on it tomorrow.

Please report anything that does not look right on the exchange immediately. We’ve got a lot of eyes on this, but the more the better.

Thank you.

Original Topic Content

Earlier today an API change was made earlier by CCEDK’s development team to modify the rate limits and request nonce parameters. The NuBot team is aware of this change now and is in the process of patching the CCEDK wrapper used to communicate with the exchange.

Until a new build can be deployed by @KTm, the following markets will be unsupported:

NuBot is continuing to work as expected on all other supported exchanges so we do not expect an impact to the stability of NBT in the short- or long-term due to this issue.

This is expected to be a temporary situation. I will provide updates to the community regarding the status of these markets as soon as I have them.

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I’m curios: Was this a planned API Change or did it come unexpected for the NuBot developers?
Did something go wrong?

i wonder the same. is connected in any way with bitstamp issue?

This was an unexpected update. These types of changes are usually communicated well in advance, but it is my understanding that CCEDK experienced a techincal challenge that required this modification to be put in place quickly.

We’ve asked that things like this be communicated in advance, if at all possible. It’s not something that we’d like to find out after-the-fact, obviously.

I can’t imagine a reason it would be. They were adjusting their API call rate limits.

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The team is in the process of testing a NuBot update (thanks, @woolly_sammoth and @desrever).


coinmarketcap is outputting rubbish as for nbt on ccedk:
This is annoying:
1 CCEDK NBT/BTC $ 555,630 $ 2.73 53.94 % Recently

Update: Looking fairly stable and responsive on the NBT/BTC market. @KTm just let the team know that she’s in the process of updating the other market pairs with the new bot and then will be turning them on.

Please report anything that does not look right on the exchange immediately. We’ve got a lot of eyes on this, but the more the better.

Thank you!

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It appears that coinmarketcap.com doesn’t get regular updates from ccedk. It shows 4 hours ago which is unusual.

There is something wrong with NBT/EUR pair trading in CCEDK.

A lot of trades going on there.

Coinmarketcap says $20,000 volume. At %.4 per trade Kiara just lost $80.

Every second NBT sell is on price lower then NBT buy price.

Edit: @desrever , @woolly_sammoth

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message received, investigating asap

Thank you guys for notifying me. We have been able to identify the issue promptly and corrected it. Was an old instance still running in the background apparently after we made the latest 0.2.0b release.

The upcoming version of NuBot will make it easier to detect such instances : the bot just won’t start.

EDIT: TX fees will be recovered thanks to the collaboration of CCEDK . Otherwise, we could use the untouched 600 NBT fund for wall collisions.



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we have another one today?


I think this topic was messed up with Liquidbits server down?, because it’s dealing with CCEDK and liquidity providing.
@seki might not have realized that the liquidity operation on CCEDK that was dealt with in this topic is no longer existing - or did I now mess something up?