Release plan

The following is the current release plan. Please note it is a plan, not a promise. It will be changed if new information suggests it should be.

This contains the coin control implementation.

It has been extensively tested, including on the production network by the development team. We are awaiting some final test results. If those tests are passed, we will release it on this forum as a beta. Once it has been proven or refined by this additional real world testing, we will place it on the main download page.

This contains a preliminary data feed implementation.

It is code complete and has received some testing. We would like to test the data feed functionality with community members who will act as data feed providers. Please contact @CoinGame if you are interested in helping out. Once those tests are passed it will be released on this forum as a beta, followed later by full release via the main download page.

This will include all the protocol changes that have been passed by shareholders (but not implemented in 0.5.1):

It will also include additional data feed features.

Coding is beginning now.

Currency burning, if passed by shareholders, will be implemented. Internal discussions are now underway in an effort to determine whether it is best to burn via transaction fees or OP_RETURN


@JordanLee, May I ask what is your thoughts about @Benjamin’s post.
He suggested the role of NBT burning custodian, instead of a rate of NBT burning.
What about parking system and negative interests rate he proposed.
Thank you.

Great Plan !

I am looking forward to the growth of Nubits.

The growth is very subtantial -
Looking forward to be a custodian and voting