Rebit enables nubits remittances! We need to make sure they hear us allow users to remit money, pay bills, buy prepaid credits, and cash out to Philippine Pesos using any of the various altcoins on the Shapeshift platform.

Beside the typo in the header, this is quite a big news for us. Remittance is quite a deal in those markets and given the previos interest of Bitspark to use NBT , we should push for its adoption.

I envision an entry en their blog, following today’s announcement, where they can finally say “Send cash to Philippines, without worrying about volatility”

Do we have any contact there? Can someone step up and get in touch?

EDIT: now that I think about it, this is not so exciting after all. They just added a “pay with” option… To make the remittance volatilty-free they should use shapeshift internally to convert all the others payments they process…


Good catch anyway.

apparently reBittance is not a typo :smiley: is B fo bitcoin .


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interesting view from inside the industry of Rebit itself :

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good catch. “Bitcoin Doesn’t Actually Make Remittances Cheaper”

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