Really want some more NSR

Really want get involved and buy up some NSR but the rate seems on a good decline. My goal is to get to 1million

If the rate goes lower the sellers will start selling with a loss. Put some buy walls here and there and start accumulating.


think it might be a slower aquisition that walls - but I think i’ll get a order in now and start building up :slight_smile:

Becareful what you wish. :smirk: Once nbt/nsr burning is fully implemented nsr will have leveraged price action. There will be huge highs and abyssmal lows. We could rename nushares “The volatility coin” that pairs the “Always $1 coin” :wink:

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It was quite handy when it was a bit more volatile. I was doing quite well on BTER buying and selling to raise my stock. Though to be fair it was probably the fact it did decline that means I still have some since I withdrew everything just before the got hacked waiting for the price to go up

Can’t tell if serious. :flushed: