Reaching out beyond our community

We have developed an incredible product and have assembled some of the best people in the crypto community on our team. Even so, our community is small. In order to make Nu and B&C Exchange a commercial success, we will need to grow our community.

I doubt the majority of NSR purchases needed in the proposed upcoming auction will come from established members of this forum. It is important that we reach out to others in related communities on an ongoing basis, but particularly before the proposed auction is concluded. This forum is a comfortable place for us, but dialog on B&C Exchange, trustless liquidity pools and a variety of other topics should probably primarily take place on This is because we want to invite an expanded community to directly participate in the the pools and the auction. @willy and @woolly_sammoth, would you consider starting a bitcointalk thread encouraging pool participation? I hope @Cybnate and @Nagalim will do the same once their pools are established.

So, in the future, when you are about to post a topic, please ask yourself whether you really want the discussion to just be among our community or whether you want to build awareness in related communities.

Let me encourage active participation in the B&C Exchange thread. Here is an active thread where the need for decentralized exchanges is discussed but there is no mention of B&C Exchange yet.


We’re working on the follow up proposal and are still discussing marketing. Give us a couple of days :wink:


I agree. Now is the time to convert open-minded bitcoiners to believers in nubits (or at least attract to Nu and Peershares) via this project of decentralized exchange which can encompass any cryptos.
With the decrease in price, bitcoin is getting less attractive overall.
So now is certainly a good timing.
Once the motion passes, I will start to advertise the b&c exchange auction among the Japanese community of cryptos enthusiasts via SNSs, in particular.

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Guys, the /r/bitcoin thread was posted here. You all authorized this auction. Time to show your support. Let’s see some comments in there…

Edit: Included the r/cryptocurrency thread as well.

Did this reddit somehow end up in the spam area?
I can’t find it on /r/bitcoin - only with the provided link I see what’s posted.

It’s possible, not sure how to tell though. I remember that happening to my threads when I first started posting on /r/peercoin. I had a new account then. It’s also possible that Bitcoiners are downvoting it because of its association with Nu. It’s currently only 58% upvoted from what I see. Maybe somebody with a more established Reddit account should repost it tomorrow?

Ok, here is the thread in /r/cryptocurrency. Please post some comments…

I like this comment posted on Reddit…

Just so everybody knows, there is a new thread on the altcoin forum that is reaching out to the community to ask what cryptos should be supported when B&C eventually releases. We should probably keep an eye on it and respond to any questions.

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