Question about using NuLagoon Tube

I tried to start using NuLagoon tube, but I am confused It said in the guide to select the input NuBits wallet, using the example of such an address:
MHY … t6P
But then, the custom change address specified, it is this:
Two should be different? Thanks for any help.

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What wallet is that picture? It’s not the Nu wallet:

All NBT addresses should begin with ‘B’ (unless multisig?). The point is to make the custom change address the same as the send address.

Thank you I am sorry for confusion. I am not sure but have to leave now. I will try again. Thank you.

@elarabbas, thank you for asking. We just updated the screenshot in FAQ, please check again.


Okay, thank you, I think I understand, but the guide did not say which NBT address and sent to the BTC.

I try to register, but now I do not have my address BTC in order to be able to exchange?

I am not sure if it is what you asked. But, the NuLagoon address of the Tube is showed at “Tube Address”

We just updated the “User Guide”, please check it.

Sorry. can’t understand your question. can you explain what is your question?

I’m sorry, I did a test transaction and 0.2 BTC sent from my account, but now I do not have any more of BTC in the address even though my Electrum wallet got more BTC. I’m sorry, my English is not good. Thank you for your assistance.

You can send BTC to yourself at that address. You may have had the change address different from the sending address. Anyway, if you just send the BTC back to the correct address, you should be able to use the Tube from there without a problem.