Quantum computing kills encryption

Scary stuff

i haven’t read the article but in general any new tech can “kill” the old generation tech.
just imagine how powerful would be the quantum encryption!

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Quantum computers are already used by special space programs and black ops…So it is not new.

Is that something that is being worked on?

I am no cryptographer but this doesn’t make much sense to me (please correct me if I am wrong)

Encryption is (more or less) based on mathematical operations that are easy to compute in one way, but very hard to reverse. (i.e. given the result of an operation it’s hard to find the numbers you used to obtain that result) .

Having a faster computer, won’t change the encryption operation in this sense, so it won’t make a difference (unless we shift paradigm, obviously)

Any cryptographer in the community?

“Quantum” has the essence of very very fast calculations, at least that is how people think about these computers.
In this essence yes, old fashioned encyption could be “hacked” by very very fast computers.
My perseption is that “quantum” tech can be used also to alter old fashioned encryption methods in order for
the very very fast computers to not been able to hack it still :wink:

Quantum computers allow for simultaneous calculations that other computers simply cannot do. This is because of the way a cubit can be in a superposition of states. It is not so much faster as it is fundamentally different, and that difference allows it to solve certain problems easily that are very difficult with the classical bit, cryptography being an example. Quantum computing will assuredly usher in a new age of cryptography in 50 years or so.

in other words, what I sad is correct? Being “faster” is not an advantage for safer encryption systems, just for decryptions .

Quantum encryption will be of a different form than classical encryption. For example, if I prepare a state I know that no one has snooped on it because if they did it would collapse the wave function. So quantum systems will both break current RSA encryption and introduce a new paradigm for what it means to be ‘encrypted’.

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The point of eavesdropping detection is that one should use these channels to send classical encryption keys such as one time pads, unless a whole new world can be discovered. There are also some technical issues such as separating natural noise in the pipe from the perturbance introduced by eavesdropping, and, in certain other techniques, requiring two parties to share a pair of entangled bits beforehand, that more or less require dumb, dull classical methods to mitigate…