PYC Contact Details (Message Chain)

In the interest of full disclosure and because I read into @SkullandHeadphones’s comments that there’s more to the story that people would need to see to get a full picture.

Note: I was in China on vacation for 10 days when this happened, without a good way to get online reliably. The exchange problems had started up the morning I got on the plane, so suffice to say this exchange rapidly dropped off my radar.

The exchange started on Feb. 6 and goes through Feb. 25.

Hey Ben

I just got off the Phone with Emillio from PYC ( BTM operator in NYC) and asked him to take a look at NuBits. I have a relationship with him as we’re in conversation to do a MeshNetwork in my hometown were he lives…

I have a question, If I were to make this happen would there be a bounty for me from the Community? and maybe some incentive for Emillio?


Let me know your thoughts?

Best Wishes,

Hi Tiro

Everything here is done with custodial grants. If you feel it is worth it, then submit a proposal for voting. Keep in mind that PYC adoption would likely increase the value of the NSR you hold.

Hey Tom,

Nice to hear from you.

Yes my NSR would be worth more, or the coin I decide to do this for, there always the possibility of doing my own coin instead of tying to help someones else project…

This whole ecosystem is falling to pieces… I cant buy any Nushares. This have been a royal mess this week.

It’s certainly been the toughest week since I’ve been a member of the Nu team. While the loss of shareholder funds is painful, our operations are persevering and the $1.00 peg has been continually maintained so far.

I was under the impression CCEDK is still offering NSR sales. Have you tried there?

No worries, if my meeting goes well with Emillio from PYC today at 6:00pm ( 1.5 hours from now) We’ll change this terrible with one news flash. I still believe in you guys, but please fix things quick as it’s not easy to be an advocate under these conditions, however because of my relationships it can be done…

My deal with Emillio is NuShare /NuBits sensitive, in other words there is no deal if he doesn’t add NuBits… If it all work out lets set up an interview with him, we can even do it tonight…

Wish me luck.

PS. I’m concern about this mandatory update with no Mac link.


Keep in mind that nothing is “broken” with NuBits. We’re still $1.00 US, and we still have other exchanges that will be adding us soon. The failure of some of our partner exchanges like BTER and was out of our control unfortunately. While it impacted the shareholder funds available, it has not impacted our protocol in the slightest.

If Emillio is looking for technical assistance for setting up NBT integration, you should reach out to Woolly Sammoth or Desrever. Both would be excellent resources.

And regarding a Mac download binary, it should be up in the next couple days. Creating OSX builds is usually the domain of Ben, who is traveling at the moment.

We had our meeting over the phone and Emlilio has verbally agreed to accept NuBits. you guys need a team to project manage this deal with PYC.

What do you think are the possibilities of a motion passing to help Emillio with this new Nubits endeavor?

Lets first establish that what I’m saying is true, so please reach out to him (right now if you like, lord knows we need it) and get the ball rolling.

Best Wishes,

How will this fork effect me not being able to upgrade?

By the way once you confirm it you can talk about it, as i’m all in! :checkered_flag:

man i should’ve waited till Sunday so i could’ve voted. I mess up for tring to help ALT. TRADE, sorry

Strange, I didn’t receive notifications for these messages. Sorry for the delay in responding.

As mentioned previously, I do not make myself available for in-person discussions. Ben would be the best person to contact for that (although he might be traveling for the next couple days). I hope you’ll message him and encourage him to reach out to Emillio. I think our developers would be more than willing to work directly with Emillio to integrate NuBits onto the PYC platform and a custodial grant would not be necessary. I think Woolly or Desrever has already worked with an ATM provider in the past.

In regards to the fork, you should be fine as long as the majority of minting power has upgraded to 0.5.4. Mac OSX binaries will be available when Ben gets back.

And in regards to open-sourcing, no worries! It looks like we will pass in the next few hours. It will be a big moment for us.

I’ve let a few of our guys know that Emillio would like to be contacted. Hopefully one of them will reach out soon.

cool, thanks. I guess I have to drink again when the motion passes! yeah reach out to him.
I’m really going to try and help ALTS. TRADE as well.

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Hey Tom,

Has anyone made contact with Emillio? Let make this happen I want these NuShares to be worth more…


Not sure why the previous thread was locked. Here was the message I tried to post there…

So apparently Ben made the conversation public here.

Tomjoad’s last message is this on Feb 19th…

And SkullandHeadphones last message was this on Feb 25th…

So it seems that Tomjoad let some other people on the Nu team know about Emilio’s request to be contacted, or at least he said he was going to do so. Whether he did this or not remains a mystery. Maybe it just slipped his mind because of the crisis going on. Maybe he did let other people on the team know and it slipped their minds instead. Either way, we don’t know what happened here.

We can establish the fact that SkullandHeadphones was told that one of the team members would “hopefully” contact Emilio. I wouldn’t exactly call this a direct confirmation that it would happen, but I can understand now why SkullandHeadphones told Emilio that somebody from the Nu team would be contacting him.

I did notice this quote from Tomjoad earlier in the thread…

Maybe Tom didn’t receive notification of SkullandHeadphone’s followup question on Feb 25th. Maybe he did. We just can’t really tell from this conversation record. Everything seems to have dropped off after the Feb25th message.

Now suddenly SkullandHeaphones is very angry at Tomjoad that nothing happened and is requesting his resignation. I personally think this is extreme to be requesting something like this. We just don’t know what happened after Tomjoad said he’d let other people on the team know.

So I ask @tomjoad now, what happened after your message on the 19th. Did you end up letting anyone on the team know about this like you said you would? Did it just slip your mind? Also, did you receive SkullandHeadphone’s followup PM on the 25th asking for a status update on if somebody from the team contacted Emilio? Did you receive notification of this message or read it yourself? If so, why was it not replied to?

Thanks Ben for making this public. Hopefully Tom can answer some of these questions. I’m guessing that this is just an honest mistake that has gotten blown out of proportion. Let’s hear from Tom first though on some of these questions.

This is a waste of my time to continue replying to. I informed SAH once to submit a custodial grant, and twice to reach out directly to our developers. He ignored every request. I’ve permanently banned him from the community after his abusive posts; he is no longer a NuShareholder and offers nothing to us.

If anyone has further questions, PM me.

EDIT: After a courteous message from @Sentinelrv, I realize that a perception might exist that the thread was locked as a result of Sentinelrv’s questions, which was not my intention at all. SkullandHeadphones, within a 30 minute period, told us to “enjoy the cleanup” from his incoherent ramblings, told another user to “stop trolling” after a polite question, and then went off the deep end after the main thread was locked. He told someone to “go to hell”, and followed up with a post trying to further reduce the focus on the forum with a suggestion that I’m Jordan Lee (I’m not, obviously, as my complete lack of technical ability should already suggest). I implemented the ban to prevent the forum from being spammed by a user who had no interest in speaking with us politely or respectfully. Thank you Sentinel for pointing my error out, and my apologies for not taking the time to clarify this.

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