Providing data feeds

Hey folks,

I’ve wanted to write down some thoughts on the upcoming need for data feed providers.

I’ll let those points stand here until I can get some more time to elaborate on them.

Looking forward to your comments.

Who you gonna call?

-Selection: Voting/Electing data feed providers?
-Legal concerns in general?
-Anonymous providers needed because of legal uncertainty?

Distribution of the feed?

@CoinGame may I present the current plans in this thread?

-P2P within a future NuBits client?
-Create a platform for feed providers? (easy hosting, access, documentation)
-Web hosting (every man his own? anonymity problems)


-Should a feed provider justify his decisions? (I imagine him to be an unbiased judge who doesn’t take a lead in discussions)
-How would his decisions be documented?

Pros & Cons

-Easy for shareholders
-Centralisation/power concerns?


-Would it be appropriate to request fees from shareholders?
-If yes, how would those fees be collected?

Codes of conduct?

-no disclosure of decisions beforehand
-fraud prevention / prevention of insider trades


I’m not sure what plans you’re referring to? The data feed implementation? I don’t think it’s a secret. There will be a URL you provide the client that pulls down the feeds. There will be an additional URL signature that can be provided to prevent MITM attacks.

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Those exactly. Thank you.