Proposal to Operate a NuBits Grant to Provide Early Stage, Dual-Side Liquidity and Shareholder Dividends

This grant proposal has reached network consensus and has passed.

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Does this Custodial Grant has a unique ID we can refer to?

This grant has now been trading on multiple exchanges for several hours. Would it be possible to get an overview about how everything has gone?

  • How many NBT have sold so far?
  • How many NBT have been re-bought on the 90% side so far?
  • How much USD is allocated so far for dividends?
  • What technical challenges have been encountered?


I’ve got my hands a bit full right now running things manually, but I’ll provide a review of operations to date later today, if we can get the coin/coin bot tested and running.


With the volatility we’ve seen in PPC and BTC markets today, that sounds like a stressful job!! :slight_smile:

We’ll look forward to your report.

24 hours have passed since launch, and the web address in the proposal,, is still offline. Do you have a time estimate for the report?

Thank you!

At 09:30 AM today with Desrever’s assistance, I was able to bring online three market NuBots, and could stop manual updates of the walls. After that I slept.

Now I’m awake and working on the reporting for the past 24 hours. I would have like to have had these out sooner but it just was not possible. The reporting domain is not yet live due to a DNS mistake, but I will find a place to store the information temporarily and make it available.




Update on my update:

I have a family obligation to attend to this evening but will work tonight on finalizing the numbers. I am consolidating the data feeds from each of the exchanges and markets into a single representation for a simple display. Here is what you will see in the reporting page:

Grant Custodian Report Template

It is my intent to have these released ASAP. Once I get the first report published, subsequent ones will be much easier. Your patience is respected.


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@KTm: I recommend you try to find a way to automate the creation of these reports – maybe there’s a way to use the APIs to post the latest information. It would save you time, and also make it easier for people to review the data.

@KTm Do you have an estimate on when the website will be online with your custodial data?

Thank you!

@KTm A couple questions:

  • Is there recently-published data on trade history and holdings for your grant?
  • Have you requested a refund on bad fees from self-trading on CCEDK and BTER yet?
  • What is your estimate on when the first dividend payment will be triggered, according to the outlined schedule?

Thank you!

@KTm Is your CCEDK USD/NBT Nubot working properly? A recent trade for 3971.05788423 NBT should have generated a buy wall and rebalanced your funds.

EDIT: It looks like your NuBot has now adjusted the walls. Thanks!


It’s been a long time coming and with the challenges we’ve endured with the bots and arbitrage traders getting a complete reporting hasn’t been easy.

I have pulled together numbers after reviewing the transaction data from both CCEDK and BTER and would like to report on the current status of the grant.

Grant Liquidity Report - Overview (20-OCT-2014)

I need to publish a topic that discusses the dividend payout schedule and concerns that I have now, after managing the grant, that I did not originally anticipate (but that in retrospect are clear). You are welcome to ask questions on this post about the report that I just posted but there are many items that will be discussed in the new topic I will create so you may find that the answers will be provided there.

I have worked with @Ben and @desrever on the bot problems and to simplify how this grant can be reported on. I cannot promise daily reporting, yet, but is our goal to soon have a website that the shareholders can visit to get a real-time view of the grant’s operations. I will let @Ben and @desrever make updates on the software and once it is ready and running for me, I will post the URL where you can see it. Until then, I will continue to manually enter the information in reports.

Thank you for your continued patience. I do hope that we are out of the difficult times and will see more smooth operations.


that caused “wall collisions” that

Thanks KTm. In the report there seems to be an unfinished sentence ending with the quoted text above.