Grant Operations Report

I am hopeful that this will be the last of the manually created reports covering the status of operations for the Early Stage, Dual-Side Liquidity grant.

As mentioned earlier this morning in my other topic, “The State of Period 1 Dividend Payments,” I have prepared a full accounting (minus sales volume and metrics) detailing how the grant funds have been put into operation and what is currently held in reserve. You can find the report on my Github account.

Grant Liquidity Report - 06 Nov 2014

I will do my best to answer any questions that the community has concerning the data provided.


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Thank you for providing the data KTm and all your hard work!

Just for my own understanding:

Initial grant: 1,800,000.00 NBT
Current “SELL” holdings (on- and off-exchange): 1,605,203.76 NBT
Current “BUY” holdings (on-exchange): 84,581.36 NBT
Funds set aside for dividends: 52,087.00 NBT

Total funds: 1,741,872.12 NBT

Does that mean 58,127.88 NBT have been lost to arbitrage and fees? That amount would be quite severe as it exceeds the 52,087.00 NBT planned to be paid out in dividends. I understand there were a lot of challenges getting things running so I don’t think shareholders will mind the “start-up fee” so to speak, but we need more transparency if this will be an on-going issue. 52.74% of shareholder dividend value is being lost to date.

If I’m incorrect about these calculations or my understanding of them, my apologies.

KTm also held BTC and PPC, which fell in value. This contributes to the total lost. That said, I would like to see a breakdown of this number, between self-trade fees, normal-operation fees, arbitrage, and capital losses.

@KTm Have you contact the exchanges in order to request a refund on the self-trade fees?

Thank you for the report!

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Oh dang, I didn’t even consider losses from external holdings. Thanks Chronos.


Grant Liquidity Report - 14 Nov 2014

It turns out that the last report did not end up being the last manually created report. We are getting close to having an autonomous, secure method of reporting in near real-time. Until that is created, I will continue to produce reports by hand when it is feasible. The new reporting structure will include access to the raw data for orders placed, trades, wall shifts, and the NuBot options configuration for each supported market.

NuBot’s “dividend withholding” tool is still broken, so it has not been possible to automatically set aside funds on a per-sale basis as required by the grant contract. To properly account for all sell-side orders it is critical that this be made operational as soon as humanly possible. I will work with the NuBot development team to work on making this a priority in the coming days.

Thank you, @pennybreaker, for introducing the motion to seek Shareholder approval to adjust the Period 001 dividend distribution requirements.