Proposal for paying forum posts

just an idea about bringing more people to the forum and to make them participate in a constructive way.
i got the idea from storj forum which pays for each forum post.
this can be done also here, funding by the nu system. i suppose we need a motion by trusted people like admins and vote about it.
moreover we would need moderators to clean up the spams so they should be payed also.
do you think it would be good for nu ecosystem?

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How would paid posts enrich the debates around NuBits?

i like it. it could bring new fresh members and smart ones :smile:
it could increase forum traffic and of course make a fuzz around NU :wink:
i hope all forums and not only forums will be able to pay for their traffic

I do not see how this would end up stimulating conversations here; instead, “pay to post” programs tend to devolve to the lowest common denominator.

This program does not have my endorsement, but if someone wants to run it with their own funds to see if they can get different results, I won’t stand in your way.

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Sorry, don’t like this idea. This is certain to generate a lot of noise, incentivizing posting for the sake of posting. Some of us have a limited amount of time to check the forums, so sifting through a large amount of superfluous traffic will be annoying to say the least. One of the strengths of these forums is the professional/scholarly level of the discussion. I think it’s incorrect to equate the raw number of postings to the quality of the community.

This would create an economic incentive to post volume as opposed to quality. This isn’t what we need, given that so many different important discussions are already happening that require attention.

We actually already have an economic incentive in place to post quality as opposed to volume, and that’s NuShare ownership. High-quality posts that lead to new services being created increase the value of NSR. Poor-quality posts dilute the attention of users and harm the long-term value of NSR.

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Maybe in the future if we have a forum bot we could have a fund to pay out people based on the number of “likes” their post gets. That would indicate quality content from users. Actually if we had a tipping bot on the forum I think that would be the only manageable way to do it. Otherwise if it was like reddit there would be tons of spammy tipping posts that didn’t contribute to the discussion.

I see it like this - if we had some script that used the discourse API it could check who liked a post and then send some predefined tip amount to the user when you click the heart button. Everything would happen in the background and it wouldn’t be obtrusive. I don’t know if the API is well developed enough for such a service.

/random thoughts

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I like these random thoughts, but I think the person who clicks “like” should be the one to provide the tip. Otherwise, spam accounts could tip posts to drain the fund.

Tipbots + likes = quality.

I’m going to need you to send me .1 NBT for liking that post bro.


I would, but I can’t send to anyone with Fux in their address. Profanity isn’t allowed on these forums.


A tip bot for this forum is on the to do list.
The logic for performing the tips already exists in the Reddit tip bot. All that’s needed is the logic to look at this forum, parse the latest posts and act accordingly on any tip requests.
It is theoretically fairly simple using the json interface (pop ‘.json’ on the end of the page url and see what happens). As with most of these ideas though, it’s finding the time to sit down and do it properly.
I can bump the priority of this on my personal todo list if the need is felt to be great. Anyone else who fancies giving it a try is more than welcome too. I can provide a terminal image of the reddit bot for testing if needs be.

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or simply get paid to sign up with nubits or maybe just make a idea boxe on the forum once the ideas are flowing nubits can chose 1 or more if the idea is used they will receive a bonus for their innovative ideas in nsr/nbt form

ps if this idea is used I get a bonus :stuck_out_tongue:

Bot all the things


the tipbot is great idea for really helpful posts, very similar to my proposal. i hope to see it soon.

tip bot would be great but bots cant think to decide witch idea is best the solution would be having a vote from users like a monthly weekly vote for the best idea example two users have an idea one as 600 up vote the other as 650 up votes the bot would automatically tip the 650 user on the distribution tip day etc

I’m just working on a simple bot for this forum. I like the voting idea. I’ll have a think on it and see what sort of idea works best.