Proposal : Display liquidityinfo aggregated by identifier

Recent changes to the liquidityinfo engine, allows NuBot to submit an additional parameter along with liquidityinfo . An identifier (default to “”) which allows a custodian to run multiple instances of nubot on different markets without the risk of each instance overwriting liquidityinfo.

The identifier is bot-generated and it contains the information about the exchange and the currency pair where the bot is operating.

However, this identifier is invisible, and not returned with the RPC command getliquidityinfo .

I propose a protocol change that allows an RPC call to getliquidityinfo to also return the liquidity aggregated by identifier.

I cannot estimate the cost of introducing this change, but I can immediately see the benefits: allow shareholders to quickly visualize how the liquidity is distributed across markets and pairs, and allow a redistribution when needed.

By simply parsing the identifier, the data-service can extrapolate pair and market information to make it available to third parties.

Since this will represent a protocol change, I’d ask @JordanLee to review this proposal.

If the proposal is accepted it could easily be integrated in the next motions along with other protocol changes that might be required.