Proposal: creation of new badge for trust purposes (Feature Request)

Hello Moderators/Leaders,

Is it possible to create new types of badges?

If so, I’d suggest the creation of a nu type: a specific badge for building trust among members of this community.

e.g. A badge like that would be granted after successful p2p trades or deals.


BTW is there any exhaustive list of badges around here?


If you click the three-bar menu in the top-right, do you see a Badges link? It lists everything there.

Sorry this didn’t get a reply. Must have missed it. I just want to leave my personal thoughts on the idea. There’s no real way for us to automate the assigning of badges for trustworthiness in regards to off forum trades and deals. So each admin would have to assign it themselves. I personally wouldn’t want to take the responsibility of deciding which accounts are trustworthy and applying some symbol of approval to it. Accounts can get hacked, people can become turncoats, and then the admins would be responsible if someone were to lower their guard and incur a loss because of it.

Discourse does have a “trust level” system which indicates four levels of trust. Users with higher levels of trust can perform more functions on the board. “Regular” is the highest trust level that can be attained by simply contributing to the forum. You can see the list of people below who have reached this level:

It’s not a big list. This is the best automated solution we have. Still there’s no way to truly verify the person behind the handle is trustworthy to make deals with, and I don’t think admins should start managing those kinds of approvals.


That is one of the reasons why you are such a good admin :wink:



No problem.

Thx for your opinion.


I must be blind… lol

Thank you.

/// Still talking about that topic

BTW when we click someone’s stats we see something like this:


15d read time

84 topics created

984 posts created

898 likes received

591 likes given

588 days visited

32.0k posts read

Is there any way to see the whole community’s average of that stats numbers?

Not an average but you can see some statistics for users by visiting

I’d really like to get the average so we could compare users and see who’s under, out, in and beyond the community’s average “points” for each parameter…