Proof -of- Work Blocks?

See this in the status page of the explorer

Proof -of- Work Blocks 401 (0.2%)

What is it?

I understand they mined the first 1b NuShares. You can see that when you check the blocks. Mining is deprecated now, in case you think you can mine a few more :sunglasses:

Yes, there’s the genesis block and then 400 PoW blocks that generated the initial shares.

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Ah OK.

Now while I am at it, how come


in the wallet console returns a non-integer number 1007908816.6508 of money supply ? Since tx fee and POS rewards are all integers, there seems no way to create or destroy a fraction of a NSR. Did the initial generation of share generate fractional shares?

A transaction can include any fee as long as it complies with the minimum fee. So someone can destroy a fractional amount of shares by adding extra fees. That may be what happened.

Did my importing nubits private key into S-wallet change the money supply? I still have that unspendable 5.002 NSR in the wallet.

No, the money supply is only updated when a block is accepted.