Problem With NuShare Final Balance in NuExplorer

Hey, I have 2 NuShare addresses. Each address is in the millions. I went to check the address balances with NuExplorer, but for some reason the final balance isn’t right. They both only show balances in the tens or hundred thousands, but not millions. The combined balance shows up correctly in my client however. It’s only NuExplorer where it’s not showing up right.

These addresses were one of the first ones created when the network was launched. I haven’t moved the NuShares I received to any other address. I’ve only been adding to them over time. Would that make any difference? Also, do I need to post the addresses here in order to determine what’s wrong?

Are the listed outputs correct?

There is an issue with some areas of the block explorer, such as the NSR rich list, where the display is incorrect. Now that the B&C Exchange explorer is up, I’m hopeful our block explorer designer will make this fix soon. I’ve asked him to take a look as soon as he can.

I’m not an expert on this stuff. Can you explain what I need to check to find that out?

Like this address (I randomly picked a recent minter). Go down through the Txns and add up all the red and green numbers on the right under the orange SDD number (green are + red are -).

I checked one of the addresses. It took me a while because I have 1,103 transactions on it. 99% of them are 40 NuShares from minting a block. 3 transactions out of the bunch are where I bought NuShares on an exchange and transferred them to this address. I added everything up and the total equals what is shown in the final balance, which is only in the hundred thousands, rather than the millions like it should be. It seems that all transactions are being shown, (minting rewards and exchange purchases) except for the initial transaction when Jordan’s assistant originally sent me my shares soon after Nu launched. That transaction doesn’t show up, which may be why the total is off. Is this a known problem?

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Can one of the devs confirm that they took note of the discovery I made in my previous post? I don’t want to let this thread sink until I know it was put on the list of things to check into. As I said, the only missing transaction is the original one, which happens to take up the majority of my balance.

Is this still an issue for you? I noticed is now returning correct values.

Yes, I just checked with one of my addresses and it still only shows exchange purchases and minting rewards, but not the initial lot of NSR I received. Maybe it would fix the problem if I sent these shares to a new address and abandon my original ones, but I would rather not do that. Plus I wouldn’t be able to verify whether the problem gets fixed anymore, since my shares wouldn’t be in the original addresses anymore.

@JetJet13 is looking into it as we speak. We’ll update once he’s done.