Preventing Blockchain Bloat

Notwithstanding the issue of the coinbase size, after a cleaning of all my concurrent votes,
I was about to add:

  1. “387e7f6ffc7d69311ac2e1d0ca7cd98d4ecbdea9” motion
  2. “address” : “BNiUcbLZ8UwD1xpqcS1EyKBnE5q4724oGA”, “amount” : 1.0

to my vote list, thinking they hadn’t passed yet
Well, @assistant tells you that they are at less than 50%, currently.

However, historically they have already PASSED, if you search.

This is of primary importance for the shareholder and the blockchain that such PASSED votes should have a special status to earn time, and prevent bloat.

Any idea?

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Hi @crypto_coiner

I didn’t recognise your command

Send me a PM with the first word ‘help’ to see a list of available commands