[PRE-ANN] next generation crypto exchange powered by blockchain

Hi there! We are working on new cutting edge exchange platform called DAO Stock.

It allows traders to transact in every cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. The key feature of DAO Stock is Digital Asset trading, including Smart Contracts like DAO and others. Online trading with DAO Stock is as easy as riding a bike.

We are so keen on blockchain technology, so all your trades are stored in our public blockchain. Therefore you transactions are secure and can be audited, incidents solved quickly, personal information is safe.

We found a unique way to speed up Ethereum transactions, so that deposits are almost instant, orders fast, market movements under your control any time.

Moreover, we about to add Trustless (Contract Controlled) Token Management as the Account function of DAO to be able to manage all tokens and token sets which will ever exist.
Incident management system (IMS) integrated into our Ethereum-based blockchain allows you to solve any incident you ever meet on DAO Stock. It automatically collects all relevant information and data about the case, so you don’t even need to write anything by yourself. We already know what had happened, and immediately start working on a solution!

Alltogether, with DAO Stock you trade more quickly and efficiently, in every currency and asset with modern trader tools, all in one perfect place!

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See you at the DAO Stock!