PPC > NSR Exchange

Got another question: Does anyone know of any exchanges with a good volume for PPC > NSR? I know of CCEDK but there’s not a great deal of NSR for sale on there.

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I am not aware of any one except CCEDK.

Thanks for that. Ccedk has been great just no volume at the moment

Do not trade myself in ppc, but noticed, that ccedk started meeting the demand of users in nsr. Created amounts in fiat pairs and PPC, also. Or users started trading, have no ideas about this.
btw, is PPC good for trading as alternative of NBT and BTC? Hadn’t experience, but looking for new ways of trading… Too hard to trade more in NBT. Just thinking about LTC, PPC, Doge, What choice will be better?

yeah just tuned my computer on and I see there’s some NSR on there now. I’ll be checking it out later :slight_smile:

I think with CCEDK being on of the only exchanges (i know of) that has PPC pairs it’s not currently as easy to trade with as BTC but if the volume stays up in CCEDK that’s great!

Right well that’s some buy orders on there if anyone wants to fill them.

Hello guys,

To support NSR as we always did, you are more than welcome to come to CCEDk and trade, because we put some significant amount of NSR in all 6 trading pairs including PPC.
To be more specific we have now trading going on NSR/BTC, NSR/PPC, NSR/NBT, NSR/Euro, NSR/USD, NSR/CNY

Please, come and check out trades!

Have a good one!


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